Newcastle owner and head coach

Teaching Excellence On Horseback in Vancouver

Alannah has established a blue-ribbon horse riding program a short drive from Richmond, Vancouver, and Southlands. Her goal is to share the joy and great sense of achievement she has felt from a lifelong relationship with horses, and to help others develop physically and mentally through equestrian sport. She loves nothing more than to see her students grow as people and as horse riders.

Alannah has successfully brought many horse riders to reach their competitive goals by pushing for excellence and constructing winners. Her belief is that human potential is limitless, both as an equestrian and as an individual. Her passion for advancing students to become expert horseback riders comes across clearly in the ring, and her students excel as a result.


Her philosophy is simply that physical exercise, connection with animals, success in competition, and team-work all help her students grow to meet life’s challenges. Independence, self-reliance and success are all characteristic outcomes of her program.


A life-long horsewoman, Alannah has 24 years of advanced equitation and horse-riding experience gained on three continents - she has trained with Olympians and luminaries both in Vancouver and internationally. Her methodology is highly technical and is the same as used by the best trainers in the world.

Her programs always starts with developing the correct riding position which is the necessary foundation of safe horse riding and rapid athletic advancement. Her students quickly develop the ability to understand the intentions and behaviours of the horse, eliminating rider anxiety and unpredictability. In this way she creates a safe, encouraging and non-judgemental environment for both students and horses.

Her training in psychology is useful in identifying and overcoming mental blocks and building a winner’s mind-set. She is tenacious in encouraging her students to challenge their boundaries and push themselves within the parameters of their skill level.


Alannah strives to make high-quality horse-riding lessons available in Richmond, Delta, Southlands, and Vancouver.


“I actually get excited when I see my students succeed, whether within a lesson or at a rated show. I have rule against saying ‘I can’t’, I encourage my students to say ‘can you show me how’. I love my team of confident little warriors.”


We came into Alannah’s program with no understanding of the sport, but my daughter really wanted to compete and develop as a horseback rider. Within a few months we had purchased our first horse, set a clear goal, and come home with some wins. My daughter is now in a high school sports program where she spends half of her school day working and learning side by side with Alannah. She has a true focus on my child’s success, and I feel that Alannah is helping mold her into a well-poised and confident young woman.

- Geoff

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